Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Dunwich Dynamo - Part 1

So, its finally here. After weeks of speculation, and chat between Josh (my northern housemate) and I about our strategy for the Dunwich Dynamo, it is literally 3 days away.

Josh came home on Monday, after finally getting round to reading some blogs on the Dynamo and speaking to a couple of people experienced in the art of all night riding, with the idea of not sleeping on Friday night. I must admit, my initial reaction was to be 100% against the idea. I couldn't really think of anything worse than to not sleep the night before a 120 mile race.....overnight. But as I thought about it, and he explained himself further, the idea of preparing your body for the shock of being up all night began to make sense and so I agreed.

I am not really too sure what the plan is yet, i.e. whether we go out on Friday night (coca colas only) or whether we sit in and watch some action thrillers to keep the heart pumping. It could even be a combination of the two.

The last few weeks spent preparing (I use the term loosely) have been really fun, I have been on a couple of bigger bike rides (40 miles+) in and around London, and have cycled to and from work virtually every day. I have also spent plenty of time on bike rides with the Flood, which has been good as it has given us the chance to hype ourselves up about how we plan to go about riding through the field on Saturday. Although I am a little worried about our ability to stay as a team now, given the fact he has upgraded his chain and chain set with the aim of "transferring more power to the bike".

I must admit, I do think we have maybe hyped this up a little too much in our minds, particularly as there is so many photos of riders on pub lock ins, eating and generally just taking it easy. Up until recently, I pictured it as a mad dash to beat the sun, which for some riders, I bet it is. I include Josh and I in that bracket of course.

Over the next few days I will post more about my feelings leading up to the Dunwich, including a post on the Friday evening, which will no doubt include spelling errors as my body and mind battles against my decision to not go to bed until 6am. I may even invite Flood to write a piece.

Until now, that is all.

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