Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Cycle to Paris - Preparation

So this will probably be the last post I write before the big ride to Paris, which begins on Saturday morning. There is still a lot to do for me, as I am yet to purchase lights, inner tubes and a new front tyre (replace current one with a puncture resistant tyre).

Rob and Josh have started to finalise their own preparation, and actually took to the streets on Saturday, and cycled 33 miles of the route we will take in order to avoid slow progress getting out of London. It only took them two hours, which is a bonus as I get the impression we are all a little aprehensive about making the 6pm Ferry to Calais. In a way, I really hope this is going to be a challenge. I very much doubt this will be like any other cycle I have done so far, but I dont want it to be a simple cycle. I want it to be something we can get to the end of and say 'we put alot into that'. Getting to Paris by cycling slowly will be a bit of a dissapointment really. But I think we have got the distances per day correct, and we have planned to stop off regularly in order to take in the sights and sounds of Northern France.  

Rob managed to get hold of a GPS system to help us out, and if that fails - some road maps (3 of them), which detail the cycle route. I actually think getting there will be fine, its the weather I worry about the most. Although it is October, the last thing I want is a wind swept 4 day ride. It can rain all it wants, but no wind please. We are all continuously checking the daily weather forecast, and at this moment it looks 'ok for october'. Lets hope it stays that way.

Lastly, I will be taking the bike in for another check over with Evans. I don't think the bike needs it personally, but I guess it always helps to have the brakes, cables and gears checked before a long ride, particularly as we will be in another country (hopefully) if something should go wrong.

Ok, that is my update. Next stop, Paris. I will post an update once I am back on English soil, along with final costings and recomendations of food/b&b's etc.


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