Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bike setup - What is correct?

I have recently been watching a few stages of the tour of Qatar, and have started to feel a little unsure around the set up of my bike. 

I have never had the benefit of someone filming me cycle, or even take a photo of me in the saddle for that matter. But I cant help but think if I look right when I cycle and for that matter, whether or not I am getting the most out of my quads and calf's and actually burning them out sooner by not being in the right set up from the off.

It is something that I plan to go into my cycle retailer for advice on, as there is so much information available on the internet it is actually quite difficult to assess which set up is best for me. I guess that is the important question "which set up best suits me?". There are many methods of saddle height alone; the 109% rule and 26o knee angle at the bottom of a given pedal rotation appear to be the most common. But when I watch the lads on TV, I am sure that their legs appear to have less than a 26o angle at the peak of each rotation. Their seat height seems to be so high and that has led me to believe that mine is too low. 

I also don't feel completely comfortable when I am down on the drops, which has added to my cause as I always think the drops are an effective way of improving time by increasing a riders streamline. 

I am 6ft 4, and have a 61 inch frame which is obviously not all that common in the pro tours (that is a complete guess and I could be very wrong). So going into long distance rides with that burden, as well as the weight disadvantage that accompanies a 6ft 4, pizza loving chassis, I am super keen to pull back as many seconds as possible through setting up my seating position and bike as effectively as possible.

Feedback on this topic will follow, but opinions are very very welcome too.

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