Monday, 6 February 2012

Contador Tests Positive

I was fairly disappointed by the news that Alberto Contador was handed a 2 year ban for testing positive for the performance enhancing drug clenbuterol. I really do not know a lot about the drug itself, but from what I read it is designed to control weight, which is pretty essential for a mountain climber. There are still a lot of questions around the verdict handed to Contador, particularly as only a small amount of the substance was found in the sample. But I read a very interesting opinion on one of the sports websites today, which correctly highlighted that a sportsman competing at the level Contador is, should be in complete control of what he is taking in and for that reason there is no excuse.

As a result, Contador lost his 2010 tdf (tour de France) title, which in a way, I do see as a bit of justice for Andy Schleck, as Contador was catapulted toward victory that year by an 'ungentlemanly' attack up the mountains, when Schleck had a mechanical problem (his chain jammed) with his bike (see video below).

Andy Schleck has already come out and said he does not see the award as a victory, and would rather win the tdf outright (a statement that was expected, given the circumstances).

For a guy like me that revels in the sheer ability of each tour de France rider year after year, it is very sad to see the verdict handed out today. I hope that the damage this is likely to have on a sport plagued with doping scandal in years gone by will be limited by the time the 2012 tdf rolls around. That is very unlikely though.

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